Increasing Your Marketing Efforts

Want to sell more beats, but still unsure of how to do so? A serious attempt requires some serious effort. Producers all over the world are striving to make a good living through their music production business. It takes hard work and a consistent effort to successfully pull this off in such a competitive market, so where do you start?

Search for new and possible opportunities to have your music marketed, sold, placed, exposed, and promoted. How do you do this? You put yourself on the fore front of your music marketing campaign and establish real connections with people in a position to make the deals you want to make.

People want to know more about you and your skills as a producer, so give them some information about yourself. Be truthful, but also be original and interesting or at the very least entertaining. You can use electronic press kits (EPK) to gather your information in to a good marketing format. How effective are these EPK's? It all depends on how strategically you use them to your advantage!

A press kit can significantly effect the level of recognition and exposure your music will attain. Use your press kit as a tool to build publicity from bloggers, writers and dj's. In order for these people to want to talk about you and your music, you must first give them something interesting to say on their blogs, articles and radio shows.

Remember to add your contact information on your profile page so that artists can connect with you. Be sure to include your producer profile link on your MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, webpages etc. This will help to build your music network, so that you can keep all of your clients up to date with news, deals and events through all the different websites you frequent. More importantly, open up and give your potential clients a reason to contact you.

Offer incentives to attract new clients to your production services. What can you give artists that other producers can't or wont? Perhaps you are also an engineer that can service artists for a small fee. Are you a good graphic designer specializing in hip hop graphics, or do you co-host a popular rap radio show on the Internet? Write these skills in your profile!

Are you willing to offer beat package deals to your customers, i.e. Buy 1 Beat, Get 2 Beats Free, etc.. ? Many producers offer package deals and it helps them to sell more beats. If you do give out beat deals to your clients, make sure you follow through with you offer! Get more creative, try to offer what other producers are missing to better service your artists.

If marketing your music seems like work, that's because it can be. Although if you have the heart and the skills for creating hot new music, it will not seem like too big of a challenge. Either way if you love what you do and you really want to succeed then it will not feel like work. It can be hard to stand out as a producer, but it doesn't need to be. A consistent effort is the only sure way to become successful, so make it easy for yourself by making it really easy for your fans, peers and clients to find your beats.

Develop Your Music Marketing Strategy


Music producers are innovative by nature, constantly pushing the boundaries of both art and business. Over time, professionals acquire the skills and knowledge to succeed from wisdom that is only learned through years of experience. For young producers striving to make a name, profit and position for themselves in the music industry, it's important to work out a plan for a correct course of action. More so then just planning, it takes real action to achieve your desired outcome (success, money, connections, etc).

Building a professional reputation in the music business is a marketing venture that can last a life time. It takes hard work, creative thinking and infectious doses of passion - but it is possible. This article should help you get your brain programmed to think about marketing your music production business on a larger scale.

You already have the vision for your music business enterprise, which is derived from the passion that you have for your work. The remaining pieces of the puzzle come from continuously creating new combinations of strategic actions with the sole purpose of carrying out your plan and accomplishing the goals you have set. This means doing your research, pooling your resources and making sure that every action propels your forward towards your goal.

At the same time it is necessary to prevent back sliding, which is done by setting up protective measures to ensure that you stay productive. Your goals are bound to change and when they do, your plans should change accordingly.

Use Your Resources


In order to achieve your career goals you must constantly use your resources strategically. Do you know people in radio, promoters or maybe you're in tight with a venue owner? Whatever you can possibly think of, leverage the connections you already have while constantly seeking to establish new contacts to expand your network. Perhaps you know a producer in another part of the world who can introduce you to a new market from which your music will generate profit. On the other hand you must always put your self into a position of value, so that the people in your network get some benefit from being affiliated with you.

Think Big


It's time to start thinking on a universal scale. Build a regional, national and international demand for your music in as many markets as possible. Start by creating a large following in your home base, then expand your reach by taking advantage of the Internet to globalize your movement. The Internet is perhaps the most powerful tool in connecting music makers with music fans. It also provides unlimited resources for you to use in your pursuit of music greatness. Use this technology to create or become a part of environments where your music is not only welcomed but requested, not just be played, but even paid for and downloaded.

Find Opportunities


Program yourself to think like a pro music marketer! Put your music where all the action is, actively represent your music to the right people who can provide you with a new opportunity to increase your revenues. Do whatever it takes to develop your music business, try to discover what exactly about your music is working successfully - then try to re-create the success in other areas.

Professional music marketers are constantly focused on the present, immediate and long term business future of their campaigns. There is no better time to act then the present, but act with your desired results in mind. Put your efforts into areas that will benefit your business, such as the quality of your work and merit of your reputation in music production.

By creating a plan that best suits your needs as an individual, you will be able to quickly and effectively reach your music career goals. Think and do BIG or get out of the way. It's a competitive market out there and you need to be prepared to plan, act, and react to new challenges accordingly. Learn how to make smart decisions quickly and stop second guessing yourself. Now is the best time to put your plan in to action, the sooner you make an impact the faster you will see results. Good luck out there.

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